[TEAM] Team Valor



Hello guys,

Any Team Valor trainers around here? Had to create a thred for us as well.
Hope to see ya’ll here :slight_smile:


Ayyy! What’s good :metal::metal:


Biceps emoji :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s up glad someone made on


Oh hey! :smiley:


Hello Florida here!!


#TeamValor here too.


V-v-v-v-v-valor! Live near St Louis Missouri.


I live in Virginia btw


Aaaayyyee NC Valor here. Almost lvl 38. Hi everyone :smiley:


Sydney, Australia Level 38 PokeMum Valor here. Reporting for duty. G’day to you all


Level 33 Valor in Baltimore, Maryland!!! Go Valor. I actually read the Bio of the teams before joining lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Belgian team Valor player here. Lvl 32, ready for battle. Everybody exited for the rock event? :tada:


Team Valor checking in. From The north east United States.
Anyone have any questions, feel free to hit me up on here or twitter.


Level 36 Valor player from Nebraska. Crushing that yellow team since July 9 2017 :grin:


I read the back stories before the game was released. Knew I was Valor from the get go.


Level 24 valor here in Kansas! Started July 7 (didn’t play much at all during winter) and picking it back up around March again!


Oh yeah! I’ve already registered four new Pokémon today being Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Shuckle and Omanyte!


One of the top Valor players in Connecticut. Gym battles have been time consuming, but I keep my town from being completely owned by Mystics. I help out the local Instincts whenever I can, by freeing up Mystic gyms and let the few Instinct players claim some coins.


Valour here! From West Yorkshire, UK. Greets to all :slight_smile: