Team Rocket


Prepare for trouble!


I finally found and beat Sierra. Now all I have left to do is find and beat Giovanni.


And this ridiculous rewards???


Probably why I’m not too stressed about beating it.


The best reward is the one you get from beating Giovanni. Not from this quest.


I have not even been doing it


Kind of like the 5-second delay for the catch animation. When I wade into a nest, having that delay every time I make a catch is sometimes enough delay for half of the Pokémon in the nest to go away before I can try to catch them. Or the drawn-out hatch animations (which can’t be deferred if you’re in a rush, like trying to leap into a raid lobby as the countdown is close to ending).

There are several delays built into the game that are gratuitous obstacles more often than not. (They add up, and seem to get in the way when you can least afford to wait.)