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Perhaps it’s that some who identify with TR are a little too good at part of the TR ethos – a compulsion to push things too far.

Cosplay is cool until taken too seriously. If you want to be realistic in TR’s penchant for getting people riled, don’t be surprised when people actually get riled at it enough to fight back.


I can’t forget, though, that I’m still a relative newcomer to this place, and having been welcomed into the discussion does not make it mine. If I’m the only one who thought appropriating something like 9/11 for fun and games was inappropriate, then it might be more appropriate for me to recuse myself from that discussion instead of complaining about it.


You have all the right to react as you have done. I don’t want to push further, but every fun has it’s limits.
What would have been the next? A joke about jewish people murdered in Germany?


First thing first, if you don’t like Team Rocket, why would you even click on this topic? Seems to me, you are just looking for reason to use your ban hammer.


2nd, I posted what I did to drive home the fact, that people on this site killed a fun thing we used to do. Sure I made fun of a terrorist attack on our country, but you know what? I took the power away from the idiots that committed that attack. But how you can compare that to the near extermination of a race of people baffles me. Sure I got memes for that too, but it doesn’t even compare.


I’m now sometime moderator, and I have used never the “ban hammer”. But your right saying that I don’t like this topic. And I think as a moderator it’s my obligation to read ALL topics, in order to avoid innecesary trouble.

Let’s stop here and go on doing funny things …


I’m only on here to have fun. I got no interest in offending anyone. Just a bit bitter about last time I got banned. I wasn’t able to have fun for that weekend.



This was something all right


Damn just damn


Because there are people I like who are huge into TR, and since it had been made a long-term part of PoGo, I wanted to stop by the thread and learn more about it.

I don’t have a ban hammer of any kind; but I do have one brother who lost over a hundred friends/coworkers in Tower 1, and another brother who had a big meeting that morning scheduled for Tower 2 (but the day before was moved to Seattle). And I wanted to give a thumbs-down to the comment that treated it as something to use for having fun. (maybe not with ill intent, just being frivolous)

In retrospect I might rather not to have complained. I might also rather the historical event used for the TR fun had been one through which people’s fun was ruined, not one through which people’s lives were ended.


Here we can talk about Team GO Rocket event.
I battled 9 grunts (Cal and Jane :wink:) and leader Sierra. I got some new shadow Pokemon that I didn’t have before. All shadow Pokemon that I caught had bad IVs so I purified only 1. The battle with Sierra was tough, but I was successful and got my first Unova stone! I did research tasks for this event and I got Skorupi, Koffing, Ekans and Meowth as a reward. It’s good that I recently got 5 new Poke stops so I was able to battle more grunts. All in all, it was a fun event and I hope we’ll be having more of them in the future.


The Team GO Rocket event was worse than terrible and I strongly hope this was the first and last time.


Why? :thinking:


I just hate it when I just want to get the Field Research and I need to click all the Team GO Rocket texts away before I can finally move on. I know it takes just a few seconds, but when you visit a lot of stops, the lost seconds are becoming lost minutes. I hate it when I want to click on a Pokémon but missclick on the Grunts accidentally, too. And I kept getting Meowth from the Field Researches, and that is one of the four Pokémon I strongly dislike.


Apart, I found more researches which had nothing to do with the special day than the ones for Team Rocket.
And from all shadowed Pokemon I caught there was not one shiny…

Really lost time…


I still think there should be more events like this in the future with some improvements of course. It’s a great way for me to battle more grunts and get the Rocket radar faster. Also there are more chances to get good IV shadow Pokemon, make progress for the badges, get shinies from the research and get to Giovanni faster.


Honestly Meowth was the only interesting Pokémon for me (possible shiny). Just found 1 in 2 hours searching! Most of the researches I found had nothing to do with the Rocket event…


Team Rocket invading my home town…