Team Rocket


It’s B.


It’s B


Itsa B, Mario


The correct answer is B. his ex-girlfriend.
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7. What Pokemon did James have as a pet when he was a kid?
A. Oddish
B. Meowth
C. Ponyta
D. Koffing
E. Growlithe
F. Magikarp


E growlithe


I think its E

  1. The answer is E


The answer is


That’s E


It is E indeed.




@Cup what’s your answer?


I think @Cup is still out fishing


I’m back just in time


Welcome back!


Thx been busy lately


Its A


The correct answer is E. Growlithe.
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@Cup 3 points
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8. According to the anime, in her real life (not counting her disguises) Jessie did many things, but which of these she never was/did?
A. a model
B. a student in a Pokemon Nurse School
C. trained to become an idol / theater performer
D. a journalist
E. a member of a biker gang
F. a student in a Pokemon Tech School
G. a participant in Pokemon contests