Team Rocket


Yea but he need to login or we will lose him on gohub


At least he is on our Discord




I asked @Autofan1985 on Discord and he answered C.


I might have to skip this one, Im too lazy.


The correct answer is C. Doc Holliday.
@UltraInstinct841 4 points
@Jormdeworm 4 points
@coolguy761 3 points
@Cup 1 point
@Brobraam 4 points
@iLikeCastform 2 points
@MrHeineken88 2 points
@Autofan1985 2 points
@bobbyjack8 3 points (I sent him questions when he was suspended)


5. James’s parents wanted him to marry a girl called:
A. Jessebelle
B. Josephine
C. Jacqueline
D. Jessilina


I think it is A.


The answer is A


I think it’s B


Its A


A I recently rewatched the first season lol


It sounds a little bit like “jessie” though


it’s A


The correct answer is A. Jessebelle.
@UltraInstinct841 5 points
@Jormdeworm 5 points
@coolguy761 3 points
@Cup 2 points
@Brobraam 5 points
@iLikeCastform 3 points
@MrHeineken88 2 points
@Autofan1985 3 points
@bobbyjack8 4 points


6. The writer of the original Pokémon anime and first three movies, Takeshi Shudo based the character of Jessie on:
A. his mother
B. his ex-girlfriend
C. his sister
D. his friend

  1. The answer is B


My answer is B


Looking at the caractar, it could either be an Ex or a mother in law. So it’s B.:rofl:


Its B