Team Rocket


Answer to (c:f


Answer c


Mehh, now I’ll lose thanks to the n00bs hosting this forum. Wasn’t able to login the whole weekend (Can’t login form that IP error).


@JoshHack had that too. I dont know why.


It just happens I get that once a month @Autofan1985


This one is C.


Awnser : iM bACk baBY !!!


It’s C.


It’s c


Its C


Giovanni, I caught these for you.


@Cup and @Autofan1985 you didn’t answer the question.


Its B


There isn’t F in this question.


Its D


Next quests:

Win 2 battles against another trainer
Catch 5 lickytung or weepinbell
Catch 10 ekans or koffing

Youn find weepinbell from ”use 5 berries to help catch Pokémon”


Don’t give up. We’re waiting for your answer.


@Autofan1985 send me the letter of the answer on whatsapp then ill post it here what you have sent me


@Autofan1985 cant login said he needs help with this


I know. But he has my personal number and he can send me what he wants to say and ill post it here in his name (but on my account though)