Team Rocket Takeover




Incoming Legendary shadow Pokemon!

can you guess it GoHub??

Team Rocket Assemble!!

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Finished here, too. Have continued pursuing the TR stops past the research req’s and my teams keep getting their butts kicked on a regular basis. Never have simple Bulbasaurs with Vine Whip caused me so much trouble. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And what I routinely pick to kick some Snorlax tail in gyms (lvl 40 Aggron) has been profoundly ineffective. (What I’ve seen online seems to indicate that plenty of others have been struggling against the Snorlax-Dragonite-Snorlax team, too.)

It seems weird the way Blanche keeps telling me that steel types are vulnerable to fire, ground, and fighting types, right after that team has just finished wiping out my best fire, ground, and fighting mons … AND Snorlax and Dragonite aren’t steel types, anyway.


I’m doing it just because it’s new and sort of fun.


Use tyrantitar crunch/bite against dragonite


I finally found an all Dragon-type battle, and I destroyed them with Gardevoir (Charm/Dazzling Gleam).


Mewtwo,ttar.machamp is what I been using


Used Raichu on a Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonair Rocket team. Worked fine.


If two trainers are battling Team Rocket at the same pokestop, not necessarily at the same time, will they battle the same Pokémon from Team Rocket? Will they encounter the same shadow Pokémon after they win the battle?


Me and my brother fought the same poke a stop at the same time I got a rat and he got a bat


Had this notification today, anyone else get it? Also thoughts…


How is your brother level 40 and you aren’t?


Rocket difficulty seems to scale by your level, I had two of my.Mons obliterated by the Snorlax onslaught while a Level 35 near me had no problem
He likely has the birds tho, no megas this time


Yeah my son seems to have no trouble with it while I get killed. He had to wait on me a bunch last night while I kept rematching them.


they are hard to beat, I have a bad record so far 1-2…


All I see is a big black box with a title above it saying

Pokémon GO

I didn’t get any notifications like that yet, and I’m not sure what to make of it anyway.


Giovanni is coming…


Theres a person and 7/28 aka tomorrow in a darker shade…