Team Rocket Takeover


It’s the final countdown! :rocket: :notes:


Ok, who of you hacked the Twitter of Pokemon Go??? :crazy_face:



Kind of was hoping for more


Eh, I wasn’t expecting much of anything.


Tempting. But have 3 birthdays to go to and. Won’t make it back home in time.



I like this event. All Poke stops have Team Rocket grunts so it’s easy to get more shadow Pokemon. I couldn’t find many Team Rocket Poke stops before this event. I fought 5 grunts and then it started to rain so I couldn’t fight 2 more. It sucks to have only 7 Poke stops nearby. Niantic, what are you waiting for?! Give us Poke stop submissions now!


Team Rocket froze my screen. I just decided to take a walk out of the screen…


It was ok but could of been better


Did something happen? Must have missed the entire event. Wake me again if something else happens…


All that happened was team rocket Took over all stops from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. today No new pokemon at all you didn’t miss much


Har. Took down two TR stops this morning before starting work. Nothing to write home about…


I stayed super local, like within a block’s radius of my apartment local. Did about eight battles and then called it a day.


Team Rocket lured you out of the screen, must be something abnormal :thinking:


It wasn’t a bad event for how short it was. Was able to get more shadow Pk and was finally able to find one of the hard fights that had Snorlax, Dragonite, Snorlax as the lineup. It actually beat me the first time cause I am so used to the “Winners” line being a mismatch of the starters.

Since the event started I have been able to get a 100IV Rat and Bulbasaur. Not really sure the Bulb is even worth it unless they give us some way to get the CD moves retroactively again.


I didn’t get to do the 1hr special as I was in transit back from a boys weekend Golf trip. I got home with 5min left on the clock.
I did a few Grunt battles each day as there was roughly 30 Pokestops on 2k walk from the accommodation to the Pub where we had dinner each night. The Golf Course we played at had a Pokestop and I did one there too 10min before my tee time on the first day.
No good Shadows worthy of keeping yet from 18 battles.
Haven’t got Snorlax or Dratini as reward yet.


Can’t say I’m pleased with what happened to Purify costs in the last App Update.
Not sure if others have noticed but originally all base level Shadows were 2K Dust to Purify. Now the Costs have a changed. A couple went down but the majority went up.
Zubat and Rats are the only ones I’ve found that dropped to 1K. Everything that is not an evolved form has jumped to 3K. Evolved forms are 5K to Purify.
With that update and the introduction of new Grunts the rate of Zubat and rat rewards has decreased. I’m getting mostly Bulbasaur and other 3K ones.


Yeah, purify stardust cost for starters are increased


I encountered a TR bug stop today. I don’t mind so much losing; but when Blanche’s ‘helpful’ advice afterwards was to use a team that was EXACTLY what I used (fire and rock), it pissed me off. The Scythers ripped through some of my best battlers like they were nothing… ridiculous!