Team Rocket Takeover


F yo Snolax beeotch!


Sounds like lil old mystic mad again.




I did not know that you could put them in gyms


Sucks thay re not popping up no more


Aah they’ll come back soon


Don’t matter I got one so I’m good


Hm… A suspicious looking Poke stop.



Prepare for trouble…


Make it double! :smirk_cat:


They are back!
And they are hard to defeat if you don’t at least try to choose a proper team. I just lost to a grass-type Grunt, because I used what the game suggested. :blush: :woman_facepalming:
A Bulbasaur with > 4000CP and two Ivyaur with > 6000CP are not to be defeated without proper typing…
And after the rematch the shadow Bulbasaur fled me :expressionless:


So it looks like I’ll keep losing then, because I have no idea what could be a good team. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your team leader will tell you what types of moves to use, once you have lost the battle.



I just defeated the first Rocket stop I encountered today, and now two more just down the street went funky.



@5GodLink finished challenge too. I’m waiting for son so he can start it before I finish.


I’m on page 2 I will Finish when I get out of work


Postpone taking on Rocket stops until you’ve finished stage 1 (evolve and power-up), because you want stage 2 research credit for defeating grunts and capturing the Shadow Pokémon they leave behind.