Team Rocket Takeover


Cool :star_struck:


First you battle, master league.
Then you get raid balls to catch.


Team Rocket shall take over all the pokestops!

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Huh, this is cool! I’ll have to wait to see when one finally appears near here.


It wasn’t there. I raided then it was. Not sure if that is related. @Arem1771


Oh, never mind. Damn thing doesn’t work at all. My game crashes every time I try to spin a stop that’s behaving oddly. Niantic does it again.


From what it seems like only level forties are in countering them so far


Any truth in the claim I’ve seen that all 3 stats are increased by +2 when Purified?



Team Rocket is live!

After (finally) getting it working–had to reinstall the game and relog in, which is a huge blunder on Niantic’s part–I was able to film my first encounter and can confirm that purification does increase by 2, as well as costs.

Video below:


Can you trade them


Haven’t tried, but I don’t see a reason why not.



Team Aqua VS. Team Rocket


Do these appear in the Poke Dex like Shiny do?


Not as Shadow Pokemon, but Purified do. Evolving them however won’t give you the entry.


Thanks for the video. it helps.

Does Niantic put out any official documentation for the game and new features, online or off? Or is scrounging through the net for clues and trying to find credible word of mouth their special gift to us? :sarcastic:



Excellent tips here, especially one regarding Lucky Trades. I’ll try that with Snorlax since it can do great things with Return I feel.


Team Rocket Takeover
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