Team Rocket is live!


Team Rocket is live in the game now.


Where? How do you know? Everything’s the same here.


I guess it’s too late here. Team Rocket appears only during the day like raids. Europe will have to wait again.


A friend here reported an encounter at 23:40. Last raid ended at 23:20 so they are atleast late still active


Team rocket is the strongest at night though… :fearful::scream::cold_sweat:


I was in a “coma” by then. Hope to see them today.


I already battled one of the GO Rocket Grunts this morning, and another one of the stops around is wiggling, but I can’t get out, since I’m at work now.
I’m not too excited about this after trying though. It’s a nice twist and all that, and it gives those who only have a stop and no gyms around more to do. For free. You need rivives/potions afterwards, FYI.

Let’s see if more battles can get me more excited. It’s still a welcome change and I hope it doesn’t interfere with the Go Plus…


Any pictures of encounters?


Thanks to our resident videographer (@Arem1771) for posting one here:

Team Rocket Takeover


Awesome. Thx!


It also appears to offer something that isn’t dependent on how well you can rally other players to join for a team effort, the way the tier-5 raids often are. I’m not a big fan of PvP; but sometimes it would be preferable to begging on Discord for a team to join a raid that I want to do, when everybody around has either used that day’s free raid pass, has gone back to work after lunch, or has grown tired of the raid boss in question…


No Team Rocket in Greece :thinking: :pouting_cat:


I haven’t seen a single invaded stop since noon here, either :thinking:


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Just spent 2 hours in a small town with around 15 pokestops visible from a central location. No Team Rocket! Not a sniff. Nada. Sweet FA. WTF!?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph:🥺:frowning:️


Got a few today


Didn’t see a single Shadow Pokestop yesterday to and from work or including watching my screen set on the 2 I can see from my house for 6hrs last night.
I won’t go out of my way to chase these but will do them if I’m near one at the time and have the time.


2 hours of looking and no shadow stops. Also did a couple raids and everyone I talked to said same thing??


I play odd hours but quite a bit. I haven’t seen any either but I’m going back out later to look.


There’s been talk on my Discord that around 1 PM our time, they just stopped appearing.

EDIT: Oh, lordy, it was on purpose: