Team Rocket is live!


Disgraceful tactics by Niantic to release something new into the game that appears at random then pull it from the game and not let people know while they are out there wasting their time looking.
By the way I’m just being sarcastic ^ not serious. I find it amusing tbh.


Team Rocket is blasting off. :rofl:


It actually sounds just like something Team Rocket would do.


While I wasn’t exactly gung ho for the Team Rocket feature when it came out, I wasn’t exactly hot for it to go after just a day or so. But I won’t complain, either.

If they took it offline to fix some major problem with it, then I hope they wait to turn it back on until it’s actually fixed.


I wish there was a way to turn off Team Rocket Invasions. They are just annoying because I have no idea how to win them and they steal items.


I agree too I found it boring, if only we could turn them off.


Big Ttar with Bite/Crunch or Bite/Stone Edge will get you through most is what I’ve herd many say.
I use my L40 93% Giratina with Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball and that is enough to go through all 3 on most occasions. It’s not often I have needed the second one which just happens to be the same.


You may read their last sentence before entering the battle, it gives an idea what Pokémon they will be using so you can adjust your team to properly counter their team. When some sentences might be very vague, like “winning is for winning”, “prepare to be defeated”, “don’t bother I’ve already won”, you may use your strong team.


The game freezes most of the time immediately when I fail, so that’s not going to work I think :slightly_frowning_face:


Maybe it’s time for a new phone :iphone:


My phone doesn’t freeze, I just fail miserably. Sometimes the game fails me, not starting my charge attack letting the grunted do 2-3 attacks and if I could do my charge attack I would have won. That happens twice in a row. So frustrating.


Nope, it is because I am between the mountains right now.


51 Grunt battles so far and still no Dratini, Snorlax or any Shadowmon over 82%.
If I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all.



Came across a heap of the new combos this morning. Some a lot harder than earlier ones.
Caught some new ones too.


So it’s the signal problem instead of your own phone’s


Wait… Even harder?! What do they want?.. ah I see… they want to drive us into BUYING potions and stuff, because the drop rate of better potions became ridiculously low…

I was out for raiding yesterday and we found a Shadow Snorlax stop by accident… Neither me (somehow prepared) nor my husband (“Huh? I’ll just take what it suggests…”) were able to defeat all 3 mons after several tries.:expressionless: I was very close on one try (Dragonite was in the red), but then I had to stop, because they would use up my precious potions that I’m saving for my planned Ray Ray duos… Then Team Rocket was gone anyway.

I guess I still didn’t understand properly how this works… :flushed:


Yeah, some of the Combos are even harder if your using generic one type does all teams. Some will need purpose made counters to succeed.
I’m finding Smack Down / Stone Edge is the best generalist for doing a large % of the battles