Stop doing Miser Acts


You call Rayquaza as Special raid weekend :expressionless:
There isn’t shiny atleast
Rayquaza has already came in raids long back
You should give it’s shiny form
Or else don’t expect as to spend lots of money for shitty normal rayquaza (we already caught enough long back)
Now we need shiny rayquaza

If you want to LAG more doing stupid events than stop it


@vineel, I get why you are frustrated, but since we’re not Niantic we can’t help you. Everything I can advise you is to keep mailing Niantic that you want Shiny Rayquaza to come.


I still want the shiny form but I’ll be happy with catching about 8 to 10 normal ones


I still don’t have any Rayquaza, so it doesn’t matter to me if it will be shiny or not.


I don’t have Rayquaza, either.


Me neither, although I think that I will not get one soon. Maybe I’m lucky to find a raidparty.


You can raid with us were you live at


The US is a little far from were I live.


Am I the only one who thought this was mainly to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Why celebrate a black Shiny for a GREEN Pokemon for a day that is all about green? [shrug.]


Huh I didn’t think about that, but I really like that explanation. I simply thought they were doing it as a test run to see how many people would participate in a non shiny weekend of rayquaza raids.


I did not think about that either


I actually don’t have a Rayquaza at all. lol


I agree with you on this, especially after Mamoswine has been released.

On the other hand, it means Rayquaza will return in future for the third time


If they would do it for any kind of holiday im sure they would have announced it like that. Seems more like a coincidence than anything else really.


If it’s for st. Patrick’s day, how about shiny mewtwo?


No need to be too obvious. It seemed pretty obvious to me without their announcement. One thing I’ve learned in marketing is don’t be too obvious, or else it potentially insults the consumer.


Now thats a clever thought


Clever marketing and Niantic? :stuck_out_tongue::sweat_smile:

Seriously though. For every little thing they had a special event for they made an anouncement. I dont see why this would be any different.
Whatever the reason, its still a fail to bring back Rayquaza without its shiny form. If they wanna celebrate St. Patrick’s day they could have just released a green shiny.


You mean like Machop and Mankey? Sounds like a warm-up to St. Patties to me.

And their marketing has improved. Hiding Smeargle within its GO Snapshot until some players discovered it, and then announcing it, that’s great marketing to encourage players to try the new mode.

I’m one of the harshest critics of Niantic, and even I know when to concede good marketing, and this is that time. Many people often act entitled when it comes to this game. We aren’t entitled to Shinies when we want them, so why is this any different? Because it breaks a pattern of returning Legendaries being Shiny? Four days is too short of a time to get a Shiny, and I would argue that one week was too short for many for Latias. Two weeks is a fair amount of time, and I’m guessing that’s when they’ll do it here.

It’s just too much of a coincidence to think that they’re not doing this because that’s when a large amount of the player base dresses up in green due to an established holiday. St. Patrick’s is not a holiday regularly recognized around the world like Easter, Halloween or Christmas. However, a large enough portion knows what it is and its association to the color green. Having a green Legendary coming back makes perfect sense to me, and if it doesn’t have a Shiny just yet? Oh well. We aren’t entitled to it.


Meh, to easy for me. You can read stuff into anything if you search for it and usually its just coincidence.