Stop doing Miser Acts


I mean it could be either of those things. It could be a coincidence or it could be part of St. Patrick’s day marketing, they could have released it that weekend for any number of reasons. And it’s not necessarily a fail to bring it back minus its shiny form, they’re not required to give us a shiny form of any legendary Pokémon they choose to bring back for a weekend (or at all) it would be cool if they did doesn’t mean they have to or will.


So guys who caught rayquaza before on First time release are Fools - Niantic thinks :roll_eyes:
We most of them catch just for show-off




Nooo, but you can’t believe that I will say to Niantic: “Don’t give us Rayquaza without being shiny”. I want it, so I apreciate the posibility.

If you have it, and if you don’t want more of it, just don’t do the raid. Nobody says it’s obligatory.


And @Cup, no, the answer wasn’t funny.


My bad dude personally I always liked your replies


This. The main reason I want to do Rayquaza raid is the following reasons:

  1. To try out my new Ice-types against it
  2. To get footage of a successful Rayquaza raid and catch since I upload them to YouTube
  3. The slim chance of getting a better one, although I’m quite happy with my 93% with 15 Attack

I won’t be trying very hard for Rayquaza, likely sticking to my one-Raid-per-day formula, but being able to finally use my perfect Mamoswine against Rayquaza is an opportunity too good to pass up.


Since it’s less fun to play Pokemon Go Solitaire (i.e. more fun to play in groups), and since it’s not feasible to solo raid Rayquaza, I’m hoping most players will want to do the raid, even if they already have ‘enough’. There’s always a chance they might land a more perfect one. And the rewards for defeating the boss (like rare candy, TMs, and stardust) are always worth the bother, even if the boss escapes capture.


I caught over 100 Rays the first release and I have every intention if catching more this weekend.
While the numbers won’t be as high as if it had a shiny released I’m sure if you have active people in the area finding at 2-3 trainers to help raid won’t be difficult.


I will do the 1/day as well, nothing overly special since shiny is likely comming within half a year too


I’m actually betting within a couple months. I imagine we’ll get a 2-week returner between Regigigas and the Lake Trio.


Yeah, thats what would I expect
Maybe 3 months of Guardians and then Rayquaza


I’m expecting a month of Regigigas, then a two-week bout or two (like Ho-Oh and Kyogre were last year) and then wrapping up Sinnoh with the Lake Guardians.


Can’t wait for another Mewtwo month and for everyone to complain. Seeing as Niantic is focused on new players, they will always have to bring back Gen1-3 just for new people to complete their Pokedex or they would never.

5 steps forward 10 steps back and repeat till everyone is happy.


I dont mind Niantic bringing back old Pokemon. I get that they must think off their new players aswell. But i wish they would do it in such a way that its interesting for old players aswell. In the case of Rayquaza (and the Mewtwo you mention aswell btw) that would be: A shiny form.


Shiny is always loved. I am guessing next time we see both Ray and Mewtwo they will be shiny form and a nice special move.


I wouldn’t mind a return of Mewtwo either. Maybe I’ll finally get a better one!


I wouldn’t mind either. Mewtwo is just 1 of 2 missing Kanto Pokémon in my dex.


Even though I’ve done 152 Mewtwo I would still chase it hard as I have un finished business. It still burns I never got my 100%.


It burns that I never got anything above a 91% after going 52 our of 56. It’s become something of a vendetta. That and Raikou, but I didn’t get to do Raikou as much as I did Mewtwo.