[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


New DLC came out for Fire Emblem 3 houses on the 12th so haven’t been playing SwSh, but my last run was really good with shiny luck, shiny G-Max Kingler, Grimsnarl, Toxtricity, and Orbeetle. Shiny cubchoo/beartic and turtnator. I’ll probably hop back on next weekend for some more shiny hunting



I added a friend on Switch yesterday and I don’t know if it was from here or not. lol

If anyone wants to add me though:

Switch: SW-3085-4391-0631


Will add you, Ive just started playing Shield again (a bit, breeding for a shiny female Feebas)
EDIT: Holy Miltank 730 hours?!


Right? I might need a 12-step program. :wink:

I haven’t played for a few days though. Re-playing Ultra Sun and Moon at the moment. Forgot how stupid the Ultra Necrozma fight was. lol


I have hard time convincing myself that breeding the Feebas is better than building my village in minecraft


Yeah, I finally started Witcher 3 tonight, soooo … lol


Rip your Pokémon playtime I guess, good luck? Want some tips? Oh and what difficulty?


Just the regular difficulty.

I played like 5 hours of it. I can already see that I’ll be sinking 50-100 hours into it. lol


If you want a bit of challenge, set it to Death March! (or at least Blood and Broken Bones) and use the Glutton perk - the difficulty may seem dastardly at first, but once you get the hang of controls it’ll provide a decently difficult yet not overwhelming fighting experience, as Glutton means you wont have to worry about health regeneration and will be able to just try to stay away from the enemy if things get too intense


So, for Pokemon Day, Sword and Shield will have the Kanto starters and Mewtwo in max raids (with rare drops), which is somewhat cool. The catch? You cannot throw a pokeball at Mewtwo after you defeat him. They’ve stated that Mewtwo is “too powerful to catch” …

Wow. lol


As if ridiculously low catchrates for G-Maxes werent enough :man_facepalming::roll_eyes:
Thanks for motivation, Game Freak, I’ll make sure not to turn the game on today


Mewtwo is confirmed to be uncatchable. Serebii.net

But it gives really good drops like PPmax, ability capsule


Allready tried a few Mewtwo, but it’s L100 with a wide Moveset possibility. It’s very, very hard to beat it. Haven’t succeeded in that yet.



I was just about to post about it! I kinda like it. lol


Official artwork:




I haven’t touched Shield in a over a week now. Instead, I played a little Witcher 3, dumped 70 hours into Pokemon Ultra Sun, and started a new Pokemon Y game. lol


Fired up Shield tonight though. G-Max Snorlax, Machamp, and Gengar are appearing in raids now. I needed Machamp and Gengar.