[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


I need Gengar and Snorlax shiny. Have a green Machamp allready.


I now have both and some spare ones of them for trade. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I got Machamp and Gengar pretty quickly. I might shiny hunt again soon-ish, but right now I’m enjoying playing through the old games. After Y, I’m probably going to play through ORAS.


I’ve had some great success getting Gigantimax Machamp and Gigantimax Gengar caught. Normally, it takes me a few tries, but both were first-time catches, and 5IVs too.


Finished grinding through Pokemon Y (man, what a laughably easy game, even by Pokemon standards lol) and am now going to roll through Alpha Sapphire.

Playing Pokemon: My version of self distancing. :smiley:


I am currently doing a Pokemon alpha sapphire 9 shiny run

1 shiny before each gym and before the elite four

Currently hunting for shiny Latios before Winona.

I have already got shiny lotad (lombre), makuhita (hariyama), zubat (crobat), numel and zigzagon


You’re a mad man. lol


I have encountered over 3000 Latios over four months now lol. Still no shiny one


Picked up SwSh again, tried out a rental team and got up to Rank 7 (lost 2 matches in a row though)


Pulled myself away from Animal Crossing (and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 … new DLC dropped!) long enough to do the current G-Max raids. :smiley:


So, this just happened … lol …


My first shiny besides the hatched Dragapult, G-Max Charizard

Dayum, Solar Power and timid nature too!
Holy Miltank it also has 6IVs


I’ve been insanely lucky in this game.

  • 6IV stat Gigantimax Duraludon
  • 6IV Shiny Ditto
  • Shiny Sirfetch’d
  • Shiny Gigantimax Drednaw
  • Shiny Wishiwashi (without Shiny Charm)
  • Shiny Escavalier
  • Shiny Goodra

All but one of those were within the last ten days, and that’s not including that I’ve caught every single Gigantimax-capable Pokemon with at least 5IVs. Sadly, a Shiny Gigantimax Lapras got away. :’(


Ive managed to absolutely choke a battle by overestimating Duraludon’s special defense, Im so mad at myself :joy::joy:

(Duraludon and Whimsicott vs Whimsicott and Charizard, I hoped to live a Solar Power G-Max Wildfire and Fake Tears the Zard before OHKOing instead of going for the obvious Max Guard + Tailwind and then Fake Tears + Max Lightning to beat it)