[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


but it still ran away


Yesterday I started my Switch again since a few weeks and cought a shiny gmax Toxtricity, Kingler and Milcery. Good start. :slight_smile:


I started posting my shines on Twitter. lol

Landed Skwovet and Honedge within a few hours of each other. Honedge is one that I was REALLY wanting to get too.


Oh hey! Pokemon Home is now live. :smiley:


Everyone is asking for a melmetal but It won’t let me trade it lol. That and my 3 Mews.


It won’t let you trade Melmetal in Home? Weird. lol

I traded a friend one of my extra Melmetal, but we did it in Sword and Shield. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I would’ve traded my melmetal for some shinies. But I did get a shiny machamp, vanilish and doublade from it


Can’t even download the damn thing for my phone
My Gen 7- games arent legit anyway so I dont plan to use it with bank, no reason for me to use it right now for some SwSh Mons :sweat_smile: Guess Ill wait


I kept a living Dex on UItra Moon so I was ready for this. Transferred to Pokemon Home. The sucky part is that all Mythical Pokemon cannot be traded. Guess I can’t get Magearna or Meloetta. Only two I’m missing.


Yeah missing Meloetta and Zeraora, has the download code cards for meloetta was just lazy and never input it in time before the code expired lol


I dunno how I feel about the silhouette for the upcoming new mythical. lol


A mythical cat has appeared! Lol


I think it looks like an angry chicken creature. lol


I have some meloetta from the 20 year Pokemon events some years ago. Magearna is available via a in game we code scan


@Brobraam I mean to physically own to transfer to Pokemon Home, not just the entry itself.


Well, Garchomp wont get Dragon Dance…


I just got a lv100 shiny Bidoof in a Wonder Trade. :rofl:


It let’s me think of Incineroar a bit.


It does look kinda cat-like.


Also: Shiny update.

I got a shiny Pangoro and a shiny Arcanine in raids. I had just moved my shiny Arcanine from Go (to Let’s Go, to Home, to Shield … lol), so now I have an extra. lol