[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


Nice, I’ve definitely been doing that, any blizzard/snowy weather I’ve been bringing up my cubchoo, cufant and Sneasel battle numbers. Trying to lvl up my shinies and non


Sooo the shiny gmax fleeing is now including duraludon and grimsnarl (both first time doing those raids as well) lol I can’t catch a break


The shiny G-max catch rate is a joke. :frowning:

On a happier note, I did jump into someone’s Rotom Wash raid and it turned out to be a shiny. G-Max aside, I’m having crazy shiny luck lately. lol


Yeah it’s a joke. On the bright side I hopped into someone’s falinks raid and it was shiny, plus some hidden IV mon raids which I’ll use for breeding. I’m honestly probably missing a decent amount of shiny raids bc I’m being picky on which ones I do lol :joy:


Yeah, I try and jump into every “gold” raid that I see. If it ends up being a shiny that I don’t want as much, I can always try and trade it for one that I do want. lol


Hmm I just do every lampent, galvantua and gmax raid i find. I just started to do raids of competitive mons.


I really REALLY wanted this shiny. Got it on my 141st encounter. :smiley:

Hunting multiple Pokemon at once seems to be working pretty well for me at the moment.


Crazy shiny luck today. Got this from someone else’s G-max raid a minute ago:


Man! Three shinies in one day, two just minutes apart from each other. What on Earth?!? lol

Can’t wait for my shiny Grapploct. :smiley:


It’s … beautiful … :rofl:


Meanwhile Im sitting here with a single shiny


I’ve never had this sort of luck before with shinies. Odds are, I won’t see another for months. lol


Probably not, but certainly want some


Also, I was so close to getting a shinx gamx eevee
it ran away
im mad


How do you encounter a G-max Eevee?




Pretty sure the only G-Max Eevee is the one gifted to you, all other Eevee are just normal Dynamax raid Eevee


My roommate spawned a shiny Rhyperior raid while I was in the shower … :frowning:



Not sure which Alcremie I want, but … shiny Milcery! :smiley:


sorry it was dynamax