[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


Roommate and I were grinding out raids again last night and landed a shiny Scrafty. lol


First Gmax Gengar raid I’ve ever done and it’s a shiny

It ran away :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Shiny G-max can run away?!?! That’s crap. lol


Every raid can run away wether you are the host or not


Yeah, I was 2/2 until that moment. :man_shrugging:t3: Still finally hatched my shiny Rufflet after 630 hatches and found a shiny stufful, so not a terrible way to finish the day.


Yeah, I had just hoped that the shinies would be different. lol


Anyone else sign up for the Newcomers Competition?

I did, but then forgot to put items on my Pokemon. lol

I went 1-2 today.


Just jumped into a random person’s Mawile raid … and it ended up being a shiny. :smiley:


After 1,700 eggs, I decided to just start knocking Wooloo out instead, and on my 97th encounter …



Jumped into someone’s G-max Gengar raid and it was shiny … escaped on the first ball. :confused:

Also: If the rumor about Street Fighter V coming to the Switch turns out to be true, my Pokemon time will drastically drop. lol


F for that Gengar, they shouldnt have made the catch rate so damn low (or at least make it 100% when catching a shiny)

I thought SFV was on the switch already?


Right? I was floored that it ran away like that. A shiny G-Max Charizard did the exact same thing for my roommate.

Unfortunately, Sony had an agreement with Capcom that they would help fund new SF games, but only as version exclusives. They did allow them on PC, but otherwise, Sony only. SFV coming to Switch would be flipping amazing to me! lol


Mistook it for the anniversary edition I guess


Ultra Street Fighter II is available for the switch as well:


Yeah, the exclusive thing is only for new SF games.

Also: Turns out that the tweet was a mistake. They have apologized and confirmed that there are no plans for a SFV game on the Switch.


That’s what happened to me, first shake and bye bye shiny gmax gengar


Yeah, I thought of your post when it appeared. I turned to my roommate and said “This thing is going to flee right away …” … lol


It’s heartbreaking. I didn’t watch mine but I could hear the sound of it breaking out.


It was only in the ball for half a second … at the MOST!


So instead of focusing on one shiny, I’ve just been boosting my encounter number for several at once. My 155th Cufant …