[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


Took a break from shiny hunting in sword and started to shiny hunt w/o shiny charm in shield.

Shield (before 1st gym): 100 skwovets, 100, blipbug, 20 grubin, 10-12, hoot hoot and 30 wooloo.


Decided to go old school and added Magikarp to the rotation. lol

350 and counting so far, no shiny just yet.


Shiny hunt update:

  • Bronzor: 1,250
  • Noibat: 480
  • Magikarp: 450


  • Wooloo: 950
  • Clobbopus: 50


Jeeeeeez. Already have had my fill of Delibird raids. Feels like a Pokemon Go event. :stuck_out_tongue:


Landed a Magikarp (now a Gyarados) shiny! Took 630 encounters, which is actually not bad for shiny hunting. lol

Still no luck on:

  • Bronzor: 1,450

  • Noibat: 650

  • Wooloo eggs: 1,110

  • Clobbopus eggs: 150


I gave up on Wooloo after a few eggs because the game got too boring for me (and I got Witcher 3 for christmas so my choice was easy)


I gave up on Wooloo after a few eggs too :confused:


Went back to sword, 800+ Snover encounters
Over 240 rufflet hatches
Got bored and decided to go back to fire emblem 3 houses due to the new dlc.


Got 369 Pokemon caught in Pokédex.


Yeah, I don’t play it as much as I used to, but I still put in an hour or so on most days. lol

A new update came out for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 too though, so I have been playing that a lot more. I also bought Divinity 3, sooooo … my gaming time is now split three ways. :stuck_out_tongue:


381 in deze after trading with a friend


Last Friday. Now working on my first shiny!


Which Mon is that?


I have shiny magikarp in sword!


Yeah, apparently after I just grinded for one, there is an event where Magikarp is now appearing more frequently in raids with a heightened shiny chance. lol


… and of course I just got a shiny Magikarp in a raid. So glad that I grinded through 600+ of them to get my previous shiny. :rofl:


… and another one. :laughing:


It’s raining shiny Magikarp.


I have 4 Ultra shiny Magikarp. Then I stopped hunting them. I also got a 6 IV shiny Gmax Charizard! But the mon I was hunting for still isn’t shiny yet after 800 eggs. :frowning:


Bottle capped? Or just the 1/32 luck?