[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


I mean Eiscue itself. Unless you mean that ice cube head penguin has an evolved form, too…


It doesn’t, there are just two forms of it


I initially hated Eiscue, but it grew on me a little. I think it’s expression when you knock of it’s ice cube is hilarious.

That only elevates it to the “It’s OK” tier though.


Hatched a shiny Nickit. It’s a silvery color. lol


Starting my living Dex in sword version


I’ve been shiny hunting for the last week, no luck, even with the shiny charm. Looks like my shiny luck has also affected PoGO as well.

On another note started Shield last night.


Yeah, I’m pretty surprised at my shiny luck. I always catch/defeat the re-occurring over world spawns and wasn’t shiny hunting when I landed the Machamp.

I’m also randomly breeding Pokemon while hoping a shiny drops in the meantime. The Nickit shiny happened after hatching just 8 eggs. Weird. lol


Nice. I’ve hatched over 130 Rufflets trying to get a shiny (different language Ditto + English Rufflet) and have battled/captured over 300 Snover but no shiny. (Plus battled/captured over 100 Clobbupus, and Snorunts) lol


Dang. And here I just thought the shiny rates were lower! Instead I just had insane luck that probably won’t last. lol

… and Grapploct might be one of my favorite looking shinies of all time. I plan on grinding for a shiny Clobbupus next.


Yeah, my shiny luck has definitely run out. 540 Bronzor encounters (including 345 in a row) and 160 Wooloo hatched. Zero shinies. lol


750 Bronzor now. This is getting personal! :rofl:


My friend is over 12k Zigzagoon without a shiny, so you have a looooong way to go to pass him. :rofl:


Jeeeeez. lol …

I always chuckle at people online who says things like “I’ve caught/defeated 45 of X Pokemon and still no shiny!” … I want to say “Have you ever shiny hunted before?” … :stuck_out_tongue:


So the game stops counting at 999, so I had to start tracking myself. 1,150 Bronzor and counting without a shiny. 320 Wooloo hatched and counting without a shiny. lol

I started running two foreign Ditto, one at each nursery so I can breed two different Pokemon at once … and got a shiny Turtonator on just the 5th egg.

Since I evolved my shiny Nickit into a Theivul, I’m up to four shinies: 2 from breeding, 1 in the wild, 1 from evolution.


Took a break from Bronzor and just raided/leveled today. Did still grind out Wooloo eggs though.

500 eggs hatched. 0 shinies. lol


I need to get some foreign Ditto’s as well. Any tips on where to find those?


I just kept doing random link trades until someone offered one. I usually offered my US Ditto so they’d know what I was looking for. If they didn’t offer a foreign Ditto in return, I just backed out and tried another link trade. I actually lucked out because my foreign Ditto also has 4 perfect stats. lol


180 caught. filling up my boxes for my living dex.


I’m on the 200 now, but my first priority is to get all the Gigantamaxes before the event ends. Now have 3 of each Sword exclusive Gigantamaxes:

  • 1 to keep myself (the best one off course :laughing: )
  • 1 to trade with my collegue for the Shield exclusives
  • 1 to trade with a friend in return for a shiny Smoochum in PoGo.


Still taking a break from Bronzor and went for Noibat for a bit.

425 Noibat so far. No shiny yet.

Sitting at 850 Wooloo hatched without a shiny as well. I WILL have my black sheep! :joy: