[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


Just the luck:


That’s some.mad luck


And the right nature… to good to be true if one would ask me xD


Modest? Id think youd want Timid
Shame there are no megas


Modest is what I would want. Maybe timid. But I am not the full diehard competitive Pokemon player lol


Charizard wouldnt help you if that were the case this gen lol


Dang! Without caps even. That’s crazy luck.

My only 6 IV non-capped are Centiskorch (twice!) and Heliolisk. lol


May as well update my current shiny failures while I’m at it. :rofl:

  • Bronzor: 1,850

  • Noibat: 1,050

  • Stufful: 300

  • Zigzagoon: 250

  • Wooloo eggs: 1,450

  • Clobbopus eggs: 300


Began Masada method hunt for darumaka. 15 eggs hatched yet


Good luck!

I’m using the Masuda Method too with mixed results. Took just 8 eggs for a shiny Nickit, 5 for Turtonator … but no such luck with Wooloo or Clobbopus. lol


I am on 840 eggs now without shiny. And counting. Also Masuda Method with shiny charm.


Someone hosted it. I joined and decided it was a good time to use my Masteball. :wink:


There’s a Pokemon Direct coming up (6:30 AM PST on 01/08) and it stated that it has to do with Sw+Sh. My guess? They are adding something to the game. I doubt it’s a ton of new Pokemon, but I’d bet on some of the ones already in the code.

I also assume we’ll finally hear more about Pokemon Home as well as that weird Pokemon Sleep thing they previously announced.


Really doubt they would do anything more than a smallpatch for bugs, the only way they’re improving SwSh is with another game


There are 35 Pokemon in the code that aren’t in the game. While I also don’t think they are doing anything drastic, I do see them allowing people to move those 35 to SwSh. It would tie in with the Pokemon Home feature, which is something I also believe they will touch on in the Direct.

Some people seem to think it’s about the Sinnoh re-makes, but that’s just wishful thinking. 1. They have stated that this is about SwSh and 2. It’s way too soon to announce the next game. lol


Let’s hope Diamond and pearl remakes!


They are in the game though, you’ll be able to obtain them through events or Home
They arent meant to be obtainable through regular gameplay

Also, guys, lets not hope for any main game


That’s what I’m saying. This Pokemon Direct is probably just going to introduce more information about how Home works and point out “Hey, by the way, you can get the following Pokemon by using Home” …


Welp. We all got that wrong. Gamefreak pretty much just shocked the Pokemon community. lol


  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is coming in March of 2020
  • Pokemon Home is coming in February of 2020

Pokemon Expansion Pass DLC:

  1. Isle of Armor coming in June of 2020
  • Leon’s mentor takes you under his wing for further training.
  • Depending on your version, you get a new rival.
  • New Wild Are w/dens will appear with Pokemon never before seen in Sw+Sh.
  • New fighting type legendary: Kubfu, a fighting type. It evolves into Urshifu who can be either a fighting/dark or fighting/water. It will also have two g-max versions.
  • G-max forms for the Galar starters.
  • New clothes, etc.
  • G-max forms for Venusaur and Blastoise
  1. The Crown Tundra in Fall of 2020
  • New dens w/Pokemon never before seen in Sw+Sh
  • New co-op: Players can now enter the dens with other players and adventure around inside of them.
  • Legendary raids including legendaries from all previous games. Nearly every legendary was shown.
  • New regis.
  • New Legendary; Calyrex which is a grass/psychic type.
  • Galarian forms of the legendary birds.

There will be over 200 Pokemon added between the two expansions, some new and some old.

Galarian Slowpoke is added to the game today, but you can’t evolve it yet. It evolves in each expansion to Galarian Slowbro or Slowking.

Some art:



Some Pokemon confirmed to be added so far:

  • Kingdra line
  • Volcarona line
  • Talonflame line
  • Magnezone line
  • Blissey line
  • Zeroark line
  • Dedenne
  • Azumaril line
  • Lycanroc line
  • Walrein line
  • Aurorus line
  • Garchomp line
  • Venusaur line
  • Blastoise line
  • Nidoking line


This one I like, pleeeeaaaase, put it in Pokémon GO