Speculation - We are just one step away from the fabled Ultra Bonus unlock, but what is it?



Let it be pokemom fusion lol


That’s interesting… I thought most people were expecting the Celebi Quest worldwide as Ultra Bonus? That’s not a thing any more? You believe this will be released without an event?


if anything, if believe it will be a mewtwo day.

It will not be something that will happen anyway, like GEN IV release or Celibi. The reward should be something that we otherwise would never get.

Also, Articuno, zapdos and Moltress day are ‘normal’ bonus rewards.
The Ultra reward should be better than those.


I honestly believe it will be Mew2 day but I don’t want it.


Mewtwo day doesn’t seem too 'round the bend? Well, I’ll be dropping my jaw if it happens.
I honestly don’t know what to expect.


PLEASE NO MEWTWO DAY UNLESS IT IS SOLOABLE!!! Niantic have mercy on me. Pokemom fusion!


Make it soloable for us rurals


Mewtwo day sounds crazy. Niantic would make so much money off raid passes. Would it be 5 free raids ?


The ultra bonus unlock could be worldwide Celebi?


If Niantic actually releases celebi as the ultra bonus in September then they are valuing celebi at 20$


Genuinely if Niantic do a Mewtwo day their revenue will skyrocket. I’ll probably buy 50 passes for that


If they do mewtwo i think im even going to hire people to do raids with me


I would be more happy with a pidgey CD or removal from game than Mewtwo day so I’m hoping for Pokemon fusion.


4 people raid probably so you need to hire 2 people.


I guess 5 im the only one who actually calculates raid battles others just do auto set team


Mewtwo day would be awesome for me. No EX-Raid gyms in my town. I would have to go either to the town north of me or town east of me with a group big enough to complete raid on my day off work. Not going to happen. So a local Mewtwo day would be nice. Yeah, I could justify a sick day from work for that. Then they could retire Mewtwo and replace him with Deoxys in the EX-Raids.


I know what the ultra bonus is! They are removing pidgey from the spawns and replacing them with beldum and ralts! Yay!:wink::joy:


I hope they don’t retire Mewtwo from EX raids. I just hope they give us another way to get it reliably.


The quest will be different (MUCH LONGER) and tied with it, the Unowns will be showing up. They have already been teasing that with some local appearences of some unowns.
So the “ultra bonus” is unlocking the Time Travel quest and the unowns release worldwide. Yeah around 20000 people already have 1 celebi and cannot get another one (they already have the quest completed). All the other ones, will have to work for it, plus roaming around everywhere to get those little fellows…