Smeargle is here


Well smeargle just got released. Just caught this one:

He appears sometimes after you take an AR picture


I don’t know how to take an AR photo…


Hit the photocamera icon you see in the top right of my screenshot, just below the favourite star.


Photos of Pokemon in the wild or your own Pokemon?


Nevermind. It’s your own Pokemon. I just caught Smeargle too. :smiley:



Do you need to take AR+ as my phone doesn’t support it


Nope. No AR+ needed.

And you can just throw out a Pokemon, take a slew of pics, check to see if Smeargle shows up. Rinse. Repeat. :smiley:


My “really bad” snapshot feature only puts the Pokémon onto the screen in a fixed place. You can’t tap on it, rotate it or anything. You don’t choose where to put it as it stays in the middle of the screen no matter what you do


he takes on the moveset of whatever pokemon he bombs, so get a good one! Mine has Psycho cut/shadow ball from Mewtwo lol


That’s fine. As long as you take pics, it counts.


Well with a max CP of 431 at level 40 it doesnt even really matter for great league PVP. But its fun you can control it like that yeah.


My photos tryna get one :joy: but none yet


Really? Mine legit showed up after 5 minutes or so of taking photos. lol


It took me about 14 photos before I caught mine, so just keep trying.

It’s RNG, but Smeargle will eventually photobomb your photoshoot. When that happened, return to normal play and it will spawn about where you’re standing.


Oh weird. Smeargle didn’t bomb my photo. It just suddenly appeared in the wild. Sad because Smeargle bombing it would have been amusing to me. lol


it requires 0 stardust and 99999999 candies for new attack


I think it’s telling us that Smeargle can’t have a second attack? lol


it must be because it is related to the Pokemon you were taking a photo of.
I got DT/DM from a palkia


That would explain why mine knows Extrasensory and Future Sight after I photographed my Lugia.


New attack costs 999 candy and 0 dust lol