Show off your (not shiny) Rayquaza!


Woohoo, ray ray is back, and show them off! (and try to forget the fact that there is now shiny ugh)
Heres mine!



3/4 this morning. The one missed was a poor CP so only Candy lost :disappointed:.


I have a… cough… few left from round one of Ray Ray



Probably one of the more amusing catches I’ve made:


Woah ok


Fun to watch the raid / capture; but I don’t get the ‘amusing’ part…


Maybe 1st ball catch I guess


I suppose that could be it.

In contrast, getting a first-throw capture on a Dialga would be more amazing than amusing.


Dialga feels a bit easier to land excellents on imo


I was amused because of how easy it was, on top of the fact that I barely even tried. I thought about going for the Excellens, but just casually threw it unthinking.


Got 5 more today, including this beaut:

Still hoping for a better one, so I may do another couple of hours after work tomorrow.


Best from this round of RayRays so far (only 22 raids done this weekend though…)


Jesus fudge 22 raids in two days?!


I did 26 rayquaza raids in 2 days, plus a ttar and a dialga.


As much as that 14 attack stat must disappoint, going 22 for 22 since Friday afternoon is impressive. Not possible for players unable (or unwilling) to stray from the free-play starvation diet of one free raid pass a day. Buying several event boxes last year (mostly for their star pieces, but some for ultra balls) gave me a whole bunch of premium passes. Thankfully they take no bag space and can’t be deleted or given away, else I’d have gotten rid of them before I got into raiding (so would also be on that same starvation diet by now).


My Rayquaza’s


Didn’t actually realise I’d done that many until I was tallying. They seem to come in spurts at the shopping centre near my place so we did some
Doubles then later trios then in the evening there was 7 within 40mins (quite lucky).
And if it wasn’t a Monday morning I dare say there’d be a chance people would have done the 4 that were there this morning on my way to work… still got a few more hours to get that elusive 100%er!