Show off your (not shiny) Rayquaza!


Congrats, especially for that magnificent hundo.


Thanks I never get to enjoy the show so to speak


Can’t say it’s the cleanest attempt I’ve ever made, but it’s a 96% one regardless.


Nice, @5GodLink. Did that bring a good move set, too?


dragon tail/aerial ace




Tip of the hat due to @Brobraam for that 2102: lowest extreme is nearly as impressive as highest extreme.


I know lol


Coming straight from the Temples of Syrinx saved this from being immediately converted to candy…

(although it’d be surprising if more than a few of y’all recognize the reference – even the ones from the Great White North)



2 more hundos, making it 3 in total
Neither of the two was shiny though


Congrats for the hundos. My best so far is 98; but I got 2 of them yesterday, one of which was weather boosted (yay).


It was a good day for Rays too…managed a 98 and a hundo!


This was a pleasant surprise today. Took, um, a few more than a few raids to encounter it.


Finally caught a Rayquaza that was better than the one I had before. Yeesh! I had a 93% one before, but this is a 96%.