Show and Discus Mega Evolves Here


Now they are here.

Show off your Mega Evolves And discuss the good the bad and the ugly in here.

I don’t have one yet, just thought I’d kick the topic off.


I only have this one, with energy from the quest. I didn’t bother to power it up, because I’ll probably never use it.
Will take some time for me to get the other ones, 200 energy is a lot.


And somebody may explain for what I want a Pokémon, 100% and has 558 CP…
For having the entry in the Pokedex, well, it’s really nearly enough, but it’s not a Meta


I could have powered it up before, then it would have >3000, but I just don’t know why I should spend more than 200k stardust on a Beedrill… I did that only for the Mega Pokédex



How much CP is that?


It was 2600 and some change


Oh I thought it was maxed out, I was wondering how strong is my maxed out Zard going to be once I mega evolve it







Very nice BB and you’ve Maxed and given it a second Charge Move.

I’ve been internally debating to Max my Beedrill out for the same without second move.
I’ve got the following still to do for the 3+1 starters.
3 more Venusaur required, 2 done
3 more Blastoise required, 2 done
4 more Charizard required for both, 6 done.
I’m only doing on Free Passes so that’s 10 more days.


I’m full up on Charizard Mega Energy (990 Energy) and am approaching the limit with Venusaur (840) and Blastoise (720). I have had no need to Mega Evolve anything, so I likely won’t until compelled to in the events coming up.

The nicest thing about the current Mega Evolutions is that I have hundos for all of them. I’m waiting to evolve my hundo Charmelon and hundo Ivysaur to learn Blast Burn and Frenzy Plant respectively before attempting any such thing though. I even have hundos for the future ones should they be unlocked (Pidgeot, Houndoom and Gengar) so I’m all set.



I’ve got enough Mega Pingers for all 4 of the starters now plus a small amount of extra.
I got the dilemma do I Mega evolve all my 100% L40 Starters or do I find other Starters for the Mega’s?
I’m leaning towards the L40 100% ones.


I really want to Mega Evolve him but I’m not doing that as there’s no reason for doing so.


Are lower IV alternatives bringing better CP, or something? What other reason would there be to mega evolve a different one? Would mega evolving your hundo somehow scar it (or have some durable negative consequence)?


No, Mega Evolutions boost–or exchange depending on species–the current stats of a given Pokemon. There’s no regression beyond their initial stats after Mega Evolutions expire. They simply just return to their original stats.

Strategically, it makes no sense to Mega Evolve more than one of the same species unless you are using those two Pokemon differently. Stick to using your best-IV Pokemon for Mega Evolutions.

An ideal example of using two of the same species for Mega Evolution would be Charizard. Mega Charizard X is a Fire/Dragon type, and with Charizard soon learning Dragon Breath in addition to it having Dragon Claw, Mega Charizard X is a solid Dragon-type attacker. Meanwhile, Mega Charizard Y is the ideal Fire-type attacker–surpassing any Shadow Fire-type Pokemon, so having a second Charizard dedicated to Fire-types to evolve into Mega Charizard Y is a sound strategy.

Mega Mewtwo X and Y follow a similar advantage, but since Mewtwo doesn’t know a Fighting-type Fast Move, using Mega Mewtwo X is not very strategic. Mega Mewtwo Y murders as a Psychic-type attacker once it is released, so sadly, Mega Mewtwo X is little more than a dex entry. Mega Mewtwo Y is where its at.


I used same Charizard for both X and Y


I evolved the Mega Blastoise because I needed to complete a Mega Raid for a quest, and since I was maxed out on all the starters’ Mega Energy, I had to make room so I Mega Evolved the only starter that was “ready,” per se. The Mega Beedrill was done for the “Mega Evolve a Pokemon” quest. Go figure.

On a side note, that Mega Beedrill was freaking terrifying against Team GO Rocket. If it was only neutrally effective against its foes, it utterly destroyed them.