Shiny Swablu Rate


Aron, Absol, Mawile, Snorunt


0 out of 416 caught (513 seen)


1 out of 592 seen, 512 caught.


Still no Shiny Swablus for me.


Zero Swabluu Shinny here too.






1/361 - it was only a CP 19…






1 out of 81? Lucky people like you piss me off :smile:


I think it’s kind of high. Got my shiny plusle and minun in less then half that rate. And Roselia in a little more than half that rate. :grin: But some shiny’s I don’t even have the regular one. Sabeleye is one of those I see, go to and they fled before even getting there. :weary:


kind of high? you’ve seen the posts in this topic right? this is an insane good rate you have. Also, i’ll bet you caught your plusle/minum ands roselia during their respective events, in which it was very easy to get one.

(plusle/mimum event was during the weekend of august 15th, go check your catches :wink:)

You just have lower-level beginners odds, those are in you favor :smile:


From the date it was released my Rosalia rate was 1/11 about


Duskull was 1/94 for me, just caught it yesterday


281 Swablus seen, 269 captured, 1 shiny.
I hoped to have a shiny Altura, but don’t want to give up the shiny Swablu to get it. So I’m still hoping to find a second shiny… It’s about the same for Rosalia (pursuing every one I see in hopes of catching a second one).
Two shiny Minums caught, but zero shiny Plusles seen yet.


The shiny’s I’ve got so far are all caught far below average. Even below event averages. Roselia was caught outside an event. Lvl 30 and beginner odds???


i was trying to determine is there was a case of beginners luck here :smile:


By time I’m a beginner. Started on the 18th of June.
But even though I’m 30, I always followed Pokémon.
From the fist episode till the Alolan region. That is the season currently on TV in the Netherlands.


I’m still 0/577 on Swablu