Shiny Swablu Rate


And in USA , haha.


I’m bad for statistics, just caught my second…


Only 1 shiny and it was hatched from an egg back in march.


Are people reporting the number they’ve seen or the number they’ve caught?

Just wondering as I know players who “shiny check” only, I.e. they won’t attempt to catch it unless it is shiny.

Obviously if people are only shiny checking, that would make the rate a lot higher than average if they are reporting caught, not seen.


currently 0/688




4/455 (431 Swablu caught)

Much higher shiny rate than anything else (non CD that is).

Wish I could get that many Magikarp…


Im fine with my army of golden clouds and almost no other unboosted shinies




Update. Still no Shiny swablu