Shiny Swablu Rate






Quite alot checked. 4 times more pidgey than I have seen!


The shiny rate seems to be higher than Magikarp.


i got my first one after encountering 1602 swablu



Still zero


7/1300 or so


2/200 i think…


2/344. It’s the only shiny I’ve found more than one of so far.


But I have got a 100% though


1 in 2271 for me…


1 in 348




One shiny swablu out of 240. Still better than my rate for shellder (0 of 352), though. (Haven’t even SEEN one of those, yet…)


To be fair theyve started being shiny this summer, not a fair comparison


1/245 so far.


Valid point there.

Plus the capture rate stats would be more meaningful if they somehow differentiated between mons we’ve seen and ones we’ve tried to catch. Seeing one that somebody left in a gym shouldn’t really count for that. (I totally ignored shellders for about a year without throwing even one ball at 'em, and there are a few mons that my dex says I’ve seen but I must not have even noticed.)


Dont they count only once or something?


Caught 271 Swablu, zero shiny.
83 Duskull, zero shiny.


IIRC swablu is the only pokemon that had a shiny available since it’s initial release. Unlike magikarp for example which i caught at least 500 before it became shiny available. This makes Swablu the best pokemon to check your shiny catch rate via the pokedex.