Shiny Psyduck


Ok, so. Where to start? Shiny Psyduck was released this weekend for the Safari zone in Porto Alegre. Nice! But…
The spawn here in Hanoi is not that great. You have to walk a lot to catch more than 10. Which I did. Since yesterday, I’ve probably seen (and caught) more than 300 Psyduck. I’m exhausted. And yet, I didn’t get a single shiny. I thought it would be like the weekend we had shiny Pinsir or shiny Wingull. But no. Not at all.
So I’m wondering, am I being extremely unlucky, or do you guys have the same issue? How many shinies did you get? I saw on Twitter people getting more than 8 shinies. But others are struggling like me. So what’s going on? I have the feeling that the shiny rate here for Psyduck is the same as regular ones (1/450), but in other parts of the world it’s more like the rate for Pinsir and Wingull (1/60 maybe).


Caught about 40, no shiny. But have seen people near to me getting it.


I have encountered 60-100 Psyduck and had to walk 5-6 hours for it. In the last hour there was Rainy Weather. It is ridiculous. I almost instantly went home when I finally got my shiny Psyduck. I do not really like these short-time events anymore, especially with the bad weather we had.
Totodile CD, Feebas RD, Psyduck SZ all were bad events in my opinion.


Tbh I wouldnt mind not getting this thing, just dont evolve it once you finally get one


I’ve caught a good 50 Psyduck and no shiny for me. My friend caught one on his 4th Psyduck. lol


Caught/checked about 25-30 Ducks yesterday, got one. Today I’m going on a raidtrip and will check all Ducks.


An friend from our raid group and my husband both got a shiny from checking the same Psyduck… I myself didn’t get one yet, I’ll go out hunting later today, though. Let’s see if I can get at least one…
I dond’t keep track of the ducks I checked, I must admit…


Got my second blue Duck. This time I didn’t have to walk that long like I did yesterday.


Lucky you. I’m definitely giving up. After checking 400 Psyduck and still no shiny, I know I’m never gonna get it. And I don’t know why. I think it’s time for my second big Pokemon Go break.


Psyduck is still just random. If you are at the event grounds and you dont have a shiny after 300 checks then yeah, ask questions. But outside of that, its just another shiny imo. This isnt like Feebas day or a CD. Its just an extra.


I disagree. The previous weekends post Safari Zone (Roselia, Plusle and Minun, Wingull, Pinsir) showed us an increased shiny rate during their respective weekends. That’s what I expected during this weekend, not a regular shiny rate. Otherwise why would they « increase » the spawn of this particular Pokemon?


It took me quite some time to find my first shiny Psyduck, too, but yeah, 0/400 is ridiculous if you ask me. Well, when the shinies are boosted of course.


1/82 it is for me now, and check 2 ducks today. so 1/80…


Well, you dont need an increased shiny rate if you have an increased spawn rate.
I see what you mean though yes. Ive got shiny minun, plusle, pinsir and wingull with relative ease. No Roselia though. I think the shiny rate really is higher, but some people just have bad luck. Theres even a few theorys out there about it being tied to your account…


I got 2 this morning


:rofl::joy::rofl: Someone is a happy camper…


Thought I’d have to look for hours, checked about 18-20 psyducks and found a shiny. Normally I have terrible (like non existent) luck finding shinies in general, but the last couple events have been good to me (shiny wise)


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But I need a second one. I want all stages of evolution in shiny. I have one complete, the Swablu family. Hoped to make this my second. :tired_face:


Team rocket stole all the shinies

Team Rocket Day