Shiny Psyduck


This settles it all :sweat_smile:


Psyduck: wtf is this bullsheit?


After some raiding on Saturday (of course with shiny checking everything around) and a 2.5 hour walk explicitly hunting Psyduck yesterday… Still nothing… But they didn’t spawn a lot here :slightly_frowning_face:


Last night checked 65, not one shiny. Gave up… it was cold and rain was getting ready to dropdown.


Plenty of Duck spawns but after catching around 120 over the course of the day the result was 0 Blue Ducks. Can’t say I’m suprised.


80 seen
1 Shiny Psyduck


23 ducks seen over the weekend with 1 shiny.


I didn’t realize they were released til I saw them in a gym. At that point i caught many but no shiny. It would be nice if there were more available.


They are still available but not increased spawn rates like last weekend


After the migration, no :duck: to be found.


I found one after it, but it was the normal yellow one.


Seen 0 in the past 2 days. Tomorrow I going to my other werklocation. Hopefully there will be some :duck:.