Shiny Pinsir this weekend


in 6 hours 15 minutes for us :persevere:


Once Pinsir is gone, it is even harder to complete the Nincada quest if bug type will not be boosted


There’s always bug types around even if most are lame.


4 from around 150 Caught is ok I guess.
The small 98% Is Pre Bug Event.


I got 14 total shiny Pinsir and all the shiny ones were under 80%. The best non shiny was 91 with a low CP the got sent to the grinder. I’d trade 10 shiny pinsir for a 96+ IV one.


I got none out of 47 seen so far


Caught 3 shiny Pinsir, all are under 80%, and a regular level 30 91 IV with 15 attack



This weekend is like an unofficial Pinsir Community Weekend, what is the best moveset for Pinsir?


Double bug moves.


I will give a try to get shiny Pinsir through quests before I’ll trade with somebody.


I finished the event with 2 shiny pinsirs, and Gengar day was horrible. I did around 20 raids right with 5 other people in the car, one person with 2 accounts. I still can’t believe out of everyone in the car, I got 0 shinies. The driver got 5 shinies in a row, and then got 1 2 raids later. Her second account got 2 shinies. Luckily after Gengar day I got a shiny Pinsir, but come on that was so freaking annoying!


My highest CP Pinsir has double bug moves, my highest IV Pinsir has one bug fast move and one steel charge move.


:star_struck: I had 25 hours yesterday to catch a shiny Pinsir! All day, I checked about 70 pinsir but had no luck. But I had an extra chance last night because of the extra hour. 2 pinsir spawned, nothing else… First one, it was shiny!!! Tapped on the other, it was also shiny! I’m so happy!


Has anyone else got two shiny in a row besides cd?




Haha, it’s good we have THAT EXTRA HOUR yesterday. I was thinking to trade you one of mine.


:joy: thanks for thinking of me and have you ever gotten 2 shinies in a row besides cd?


I told you my shiny luck, I don’t even have back to back shiny on CD. :sweat_smile:


yeah I reckon they were pretty common. I caught about 20 and 2 of those were shinies so yeah.


-two shiny wingull
-two shiny plusle