Shiny Pinsir this weekend


i dont keep track i just check everything






Will keep trying to get shiny Pinsir this weekend, but given my shiny catch luck in the wild, not sure tho. But some of their CPs are in 2200s from a wild Pokémon perspective


I’m up to 4 shiny ones and I have a pretty good stock of 2K ones that I’ll be trading to try and get lucky. Hopefully I can have a strong day tomorrow and stumble on at least one shiny Pinsir with good IVs


Up to 4 aswell. Just got 3 on an 800 meter round. Cant say this one is to hard to get atleast :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m done with Pinsir. i am learning not to horde. Sooner or later ill need to transfer alot. Or actually buy a switch and send to the game.


Same here. Finally got a shiny.


I almost hit the 100 mark with no shinies yet.


It gets tempting to take it personally by that point, doesn’t it?

Hope your hit rate improves before the event ends. Shiny Pinsir would be a nice collection for the collection.


Yeah, ‘the shiny rate for Pinsir is increased.’
Didn’t notice it yet…


Most of the people who I raid with regularly have 3-8. I bet You’ll have some soon :crossed_fingers:t3::smiley:


I will get a shiny Pinsir because everybody who I play with got two. But I rather try to get one myself. Costs less Stardust, you know😉


Ended up with a final rate of 0/111. I don’t even want to see it anymore, let it please go away today.


Thats impressive considering other stats ive heared :sweat_smile:


I have caught roughly 250 and am at 11 shiny ones.


I have seen 64 and caught 54 since starting to play, and I have now 2 shiny


I checked about 50 pinsir this weekend. 2 Shinies now.


When will the boosted Pinsir spawn end?