Shiny Pinsir this weekend


Never. Neither Pinsir, I didn’t even get one single shiny.


Nice :grin:


218 Pinsir captured (probably about 180 of those this past weekend)
2 ‘shiny’

I just saw my first shiny Ponyta in a gym last night. It’s got a mane the color of Marge Simpson’s hair, and now I want one…


You have a thing for Marge Simpson?


Who doesn’t? :joy: Everyone does evem before they know her


Not me. Reminds me too much of my mum and that’s just wrong on so many levels.


You got that right :joy:


My dad got 3
My brother got 1 (and 2 shiny Gengar)
I got one 1
My mother got 1


Wow your entire family plays are any of them better than you


…except that I have caught 63 of about 140 total legendary Pokémon for my family.


Wow you do lots of raids


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