Share your Palkia catches


Well, one of them was my first Latios (had no idea how to properly hit him) and the other was Articuno when it was first released, was incredibly inexperienced


Oof, I feel you. Well, here’s to the hopeful re-encounter in the future.


Congrats! That’s a nice one.

I appreciate having the vid to go to school on the new boss, too… I’d give it several likes if I could. For most of the T5 and EX raids I’ve wound up wasting so many throws trying to figure out (by trial and error) when to throw for a good chance to capture.




Did another on the way to work yesterday and went out early with a friend and did 7 more this morning.
I’m not having the any where near the luck with anything great like others on here. The highest CP I’ve seen so far in 2256 ran but that’s nothing great so no big deal. After catching the first 3 the table turned today going 3/7. I was getting greedy though with my disappointment not wanting to waste Gold Razz on on junk so was Pinapping them.


2 raids yesterday and they both ran away.



This just about sums it for me now at Raids since the no 100% MewTwo Raid shafting.




#2 not as good as first one


Heh. I remember watching that tantrum on “live” TV when it happened…:laughing:
Bummer if that’s what you’re feeling inside… (or is it how you’re reacting outside ? :hushed:)


:rofl::rofl: only how I’m feeling inside. Outside just a roll of the eyes and a sigh of disappointment.
I remember watching a lot of Macenro’s blow ups. The good old days of serve volley tennis. Can’t stand to watch the base line slugging and all that silly grunting now.


Did a wheather Boosted one today. Low end CP Poor IV. Landed more excellents than normal but it ran on the Pinaps.


I often tell people that landing Greats and Excellents on Curveballs are your best chance to catch a Legendary, but in the end, it’s still at most a 1 in 7 chance per throw. It’s a probability game…most of the time.


Another 2 today both mid low end CP/IV again. First one Ran making it 4 Runners in a row (no Pinap this time) and caught last one on second to last ball out of 12. Think I’m getting Raid fatigue as there’s not much excitement atm continually getting junk.



Can’t wait for this in field research!!!


@NotanotherKangaskhan I hope you get better ones!


What do you mean you have not tried to battle one yet