Bragging Rights - Share your Palkia catches


Almost 30 more minutes. Share all your Palkia catches


i’ll start it off, took a nap then went on the hunt!


Whoa that looks cool


looks like candy


I thought it was like an evolve form of Lugia :grin:


We’re not off to a good start. My trend has been poor first one and it’s predominantly poor the whole way through with nothing at the very top.


Good moveset tho


So far i seen fire blast/hydro pump/ draco meteor


Couldn’t wait.


Congratulations to you, @5GodLink, @NotanotherKangaskhan, and @thinger95! They look awesome, even if not yet the perfect specimen you want. Maybe the next one you snag…
How many alternate fast/charge moves are there for Palkia? (How likely are TMs to let you switch to the moves you want most?)


It has 2 Dragon fast moves, and 3 charges (Dragon, Water, Fire). It’s the same odds as a Rayquaza…both Fast moves are usable, and only one charged (Fire Blast) is garbage.


Palkia is very far away sort of like Kyorge before it got changed.

edit- i was expecting Spacial rend


Really easy to nail Excellents on once you figure it out
Got 2245, 14-14-11 one, decent


Maybe a cross between Lugia and Mewtwo? Whatever the artist’s inspiration, I like its appearance. Can’t wait to see it in action.


I got one DT DM
Bad IV


I’m 5 for 5 so far, and the best is a 91%. I’ll be sure to post a picture should I get a much better one.


Wait, really? I’ve been doing greats just fine, but Excellents looks impossible!


It does that some precise aim, but it’s not quite as hard as Giratina. I’m content with Greats honestly. Less pressure.


I am good at excellent too. I did them mostly by luck


If I can just solo raid it :joy: :joy::joy: