Bragging Rights - Share your Palkia catches


I mean, after my first two throws Ive done 5-6 in a row


Did another one on the way to work. Improvement on yesterday’s but still trash with a low attack. This one was Draco Meteor v yesterday’s Fire Blast. Both days Raided with the same 6 accts. Fire Blast only got to the 4th Pokémon while Draco Meteor got to the 9th.
Used Team of 6 Dragons against Draco and finished it off with auto select Aggrons. My Dragons were OHKO while my big Aggrons could take 2-3 hits from Draco before fainting.


indeed very easy.


Caught a 96% one this morning, and it was a struggle to catch. I was on the next-to-last ball when I finally caught it. If this one got away, I might have cried. Thankfully, it did not, and it’s got a great IV spread of Perfect HP and Attack, with 13 Defense. This will be a go-to Dragon-type attacker for years to come for me.


I caught video of it as well, so enjoy. I did use a Charged TM on it later as you can see in the screenshot. Mainly because it’s unlikely I’ll get a better one than this one, so I chanced for Draco Meteor, and thankfully got it. Now I just need a Fast TM to get it to Dragon Tail instead of Dragon Breath.




And just like that, THIS happened:


I’ll post a video as soon as it renders.


How many legendary raids do you have on your medal again?


600 as of now. Another 400 to go for Gold.

Incidentally, I’m 9 for 9 for Palkia.


How many legendary hundos did you catch already?


Two unique, four total. Groudon really liked me.

I generally only do one raid per day except for the first few days of a Legendary’s reign. It’s probably why I don’t have a lot of hundo Legendaries, but I DO have a lot of Legendaries 96% and higher.


Thought you had a lot more, how many Pokemon did you catch in total?


87,831 according to the Collector Medal.

I have 36 unique perfects, but I did catch a few more hundo duplicats, mainly two more Geodude, two more Groudon and one perfect Spheal. That should be a total of 41 perfects caught.



21k here, the math does add up
I have like 8 non-raid hundos


Here’s the video of me catching the Hundo Palkia:


Meant hundos, lol


LOL ah ok. Yeah, I still think I’ve been quite fortunate. Only thing that would complete the picture is a Shundo at this point.


Ive really wanted shundo Kyogre but so far no success


Despite me catching more Kyogre than Groudon (37/47 vs. 27/33), I haven’t caught a hundo Kyogre, and my best Shiny one is an 80%. Put that in perspective to catching 3 Hundo Groudon out of 27? The RNG is REAL!!

Incidentally, in a different Palkia raid I did today, someone else caught a hundo Palkia but on the very last ball. That poor girl; she must have had a heart attack at the end there.


Ive already had 2 legendary hundos flee, I know the feel lol


Oh, I’ve caught all of my hundo Legendaries encountered so far, but I feel terrible for those that get away for anyone. It’s such a heartbreaker.