Share your most embarrassing moment playing Pokémon GO!


About two weeks ago I was constantly kicked out of a local gym.
But I saw no kids or people my age.
There was just I guy in a bike, tapping on is phone.

That guy was over 65, probably in over 70. :scream:


Hahaha, for all it have been me… but I have understand that you are living in Netherlands, and the last time I was there is at least 30 years ago… :joy::joy:


Yes I live the Netherlands and are you really that old?


Well, not soo old, only 60.


My grandma is 87 and plays…


Im not 60 yet…


The problem is when you go to a Raid and they think your going for your grandchild, who has no time to go…


I flipped a gym and was moving down the street when I got a message that my Pokémon wanted a berry. I turn around and there are were two older people in an actual pickle car battling the gym.


It like playing in Cammo… :crazy_face:


Was the car in the shape of a pickle?


Never though so many 50+ where playing this game. I already felt old with my 30yo…


Had pickle logos on the sides and a pickle on the roof :joy::joy::joy:


Pickle Pokemon Players. They are PPPs


Like this?


Nearly getting run over by the police while hunting an Onix


Walked into a lightpost in the local park whilst starring at the capture screen… Classic.


Was kinda similar only white and not a VW :joy:


A local gym is close to my apartment, but apparently in a well known spot where shady things happen. I was sitting in my car battling when a police officer walked up to my driver side and I had to sheepishly explain why I was camped out and not doing anything illegal. He liked my Nidoking though hahahaha


I’ve gotten investigated by police a bunch of times while playing. Every time they see what I’m playing, they are all cool. I bet they see it a bunch in the middle of the night.


I bet I could play in the shadiest area in the world with criminals surrounding me, but when a police officer sees me, the only thing he will give me is his trainer code! :joy::sweat_smile: