Share your most embarrassing moment playing Pokémon GO!


I always cringe when a car pulls up next to me when I’m attacking a gym. Then when I’m done, I roll my window down to talk to them, and they weren’t there to play Pokemon. Very awkward. Happened more than a few times…


Yesterday I was walking home through a small road and saw a gym, someone kept feeding berries to their pokemon to defend it, but I had like 100 revives and 200 max potions so I did not care and kept destroying it for the glory of the Team Mystic until I finally captured it. When I looked around there was a fat japanese man of around 55 years old looking really angry and waving his phone in the air, I left in a hurry and never looked back. Today I saw my pokemon came back with 50 coins, so for some reason he did not recover the gym xD


I had a weird glitch.I was trying to catch a Snorlax,but it ran away.I was like "NOOOO!"Then I saw i acctully did catch it,and i was like “uhm ok what did you do niantic”.


I had that too but mine was a Bellsprout.


When i was playing Pokémon GO some random guy who was 80 or something began screaming against me on a mean tone”Your stupid pikachu is there”


A 5 year old in the line of the supermarket asking a girl working there, who is your favorite pokemons? The girl reacting: “Uhm, pikachu” the 5 year old starts screaming: “COOL, thats also mine”


When I first started playing I spent a lot more time playing while riding the push bike. Almost daily I would ride a loop of Stops and Gyms near home. Up back and around for 2hrs at a time.
Part of the most efficient loop required switching sides and getting the Pokestop behind the Hall. When switch back to the other I’d ride through the Hall Car Park and pick a gap between some posts and through a patch of long weeds. I’d done this many times over serval weeks without problem. One of the trips I went through a pair of posts a bit lower down in the Car Park. I got to the long grass and at bike stopped in a big hurry and up and over the handle bars I went. First though midflight was don’t let the ph break.
Ph got away without a scratch but I had a little bark missing off the forearms. I’d hit a big hole left from a pulled post or sign. Got back on bike playing for another 30min before riding home to clean myself up.


uhm ok your city is weird


Its a town with 3000 ppl
And why?


Why would someone that is super old say ''your stupid Pikachu is there"?
I would be like uhm okay then


It was a pokemon hater i think
In that time like almost half of my town played maybe someone alsmost had drived over him while playing Pokémon GO?


Could be​:joy::joy:


I hear that very often. Mostly people who don’t play the game say that to me. And the funniest thing is: They always say “There’s a Pikachu here!”, instead of an other Pokémon.


They are to stupid to know other pokemons :smiling_imp:


I think all old people think any Pokemon is called Pikachu. It drives my kids crazy when we are watching cartoon and “Who’s that Pokemon?” comes on. I always scream “It’s Pikachu!” Drives them crazy.


Whahaha poor kids :rofl:


That cartoon is hilarious. They tell you the answer before showing it :joy::rofl:


It’s always Pikachu or Charmander or Charizard evolution line. What’s funny is that only for Charizard would I actually care about the Pokemon


Anime stars…


Nope. When we’re watching it, I yell out, “It’s Pikachu!” No matter what it actually is, my kids correct me before they give out the answer. Then I also yell at Ash because he can’t recognize Team Rocket in disguise. I mean, come on, seriously?