Share your latest Pokédex Registers


I think it’s just not fair that Niantic has made them regionals now after the mistake release. And that was in the middle of the night for me. :triumph:


sometimes gotta catch everything quick first day, Niantic always messes up.


@cup @Necrozmadabest @bobbyjack8


First in world? :man_shrugging:t5:

im tired now


98% even?!


wanted 100, but i never found it, got a 96 gible waiting for his turn. :sweat_smile:i love my dragons


If, and I think it has, Japan got the other Shellos, I’ll bring some spares back home :blush:


Haven’t seen a spawn all day. Not near waterbodys or the sea.


i knew the shellos were regionals, so when i saw both i had to Jet and get a couple.


I havent even seen a stupid Gible so far


Me neither, only Cherrim, Shellos and one Burmy


Hoping to catch some tomorrow, hoping people wont flood the mall with regular lures


Agreed. Even though these new Lures are not letting the Torchic spawn, I still hope some people do put them on PokéStops so I can farm some Pokémon from the new Lures.


Burmy I’ve seen on the Nearby list when I was in Schiedam. But not in my hometown.


How low can you go :rofl:



Congrats @5GodLink first on the hub


Thank you sir.


I can’t wait to get my Garchomp. It’s my favorite Dragon-type of all time.


Me either. Gible and Hippopatos haven’t spawned yet for me.

On Shellos: That sucks that they went ahead and made them regional after mistakenly releasing both a little while ago. I now have both thanks to that, but most people won’t. Should have just released them both world-wide.