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Glaceon as well


I’m a bit jealous. I’m stuck for the next 6hours here at work with a spawn point that spawns twice an hour and a stop.

Nice catches guys.


Everyone saying there’s a name trick to name them the new Eevee’s


Rea for Glaceon
Linnea for Leafeon


Posts and images are here.


They work.



I was to late for the picture of the registration.



Caught a Burmy tonight to add to the dex. :grinning:

Also: Do we know if the Shellos variants are regional yet?




Probopass and magenzone. Havent Made screenshots though


They are regional

Edit: Just when they came out there were reports of mixed spawns. But that was most likely an error on Niantics side. Seems to be “fixed” now.




Yeah, but just once, right? If I want both regular and shiny Glaceon and Leafeon, won’t that require two of the new lures?

Also, if I evolved a Glaceon with a lure, will the name trick still work? I goofed by doing the lure first (and on a regular Eevee) – now I’m a little stuck, wanting to use the name trick for the shiny, but unsure whether the name trick will still work. And I don’t want to waste one of my few shiny Eevees on testing it. (Guess I’ll have to buy another of those lures to be safe.)


Name trick only works once. If you find a lure in use, you can use as many times as you want until time runs out.


The border seems to be on the Greenwich meridian. Why haven’t they released it a little more than one week ago, at that time I was on the west side of the Greenwich meridian… in london