Share your latest Pokédex Registers


They will probably switch Shellos after a while like with other regionals


I’d assume so … though they’ve never swapped Volbeat and Illumise. lol


How long did it take to find that…or was it hatched


since it released till my post thats how long it took.


One down, one to go.


Well, other regionals arent called east and west rhough



First Gible was 93%, whats up with that



lack of spawns so good ivs



EDIT: Hubby hatched this, and it had terrible IVs. I traded him a Leafy Cloak Burmy I found for it. I was too slowto get the actual Pokedex screen, though.



Didn’t get a pic, but I added Hippopotas tonight. :smiley:


And that’s a wrap mainly on the Burmy family. Walking a Gible right now, although I still need Hippowdon. I’ve been getting enough of them that I believe that will be coming later this week.


Caught a Gible! :smiley:


Currently on vacation in rural France. The spawns are few and the pokestops fewer.
The yawning gaps in my pokedex will have to wait
to be filled… leave a few of the new critters running free for latecomers to catch please :wink:


I’d like to vacation in France. Too bad I only got enough money to go as far as Maryland or Virginia.


France doesn’t interest me.
Only overseas travel I’ve ever had any desire to do was a trip to the USA on a Motor Racing Tour.
Tour include a couple of World of Out Laws meetings and the Knoxville Nationals. A NASCAR race and a Indy Race. The AU$ was terrible at the time and it was little bit pricey. Several years later the AU$ was goo but I didn’t have the funds to do it.
Not likely to ever happen now.
Sorry bit off topic
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