Share Anything New with your Pokemon Adventure


As a non raider, this is somewhat special to me…

Just recently hatch an Absol :grin:


Got a 43IV Shiny Castform…
Kinda cool I guess
And Im thinking about maxing out a 43IV Shiny Lick Gengar


I just got 2 10K eggs back-to-back from stops feeling pretty good


Have you tried looking on the Silph Road for a raid group @HLAJR


I pretty much only hatch foreign 7 Km eggs.


Will try if I got enough time… thanks for the tip.


I would love to get some eggs from the Philippines.


Just go on their website and you will have a map of the world zoom in on the area you live in and a group of Discord will pop up and allow you to join them that’s what I do whenever I go out of town


Well this is new for me. Usually, I walk 25-30km per week.
According to my phone, I’ve walked exactly 20km yesterday, which is the highest my phone has measured.


Then invite me… I have added you before but you seems to be always full of freinds :grin:


I had just reinstalled PoGo in our iPhone6 just to trade some pokemons to free up my inventory. Then trade from my daugther’s account one Smeargle and browse her shinies to see what we can exchange, then I tried to take a photo of her shiny Castform and was prompted to allow Pogo to take photos, then a thumbnail of the picture appears with Pikachu photobombing instead of Smeargle. Thinking it was just a possible glitch, I go to the main window of PoGo and I feel the phone vibrating with a spark, indicating a pokemon is about to spawn. I thought it would be a Smeargle but instead, Pikachu appear with a cap, and so I catch it…

Anyone who also got this recently?


Look here @HLAJR


Again, as a non raider, I just got my very first and only Ho oh… :joy:


I did! Last week…


I’ve been getting a lot of 10 km eggs lately.


Been trying to open and see more gifts lately trying to hit Level 40 as fast as possible


I hatched and evolved this Alolan (?) Muk. I love the colors. Is he some special something?


Trying to get enough candy to evolve Garchomp


New friends from all over…question…I get lots of 7km eggs…will there be anything new in the eggs that might be new to my region? Anyone know? Just curious…would be awesome since we can’t trade.


Several raid events in rapid succession produced a quick glut of rare candy and TMs for me. I had enough rare candy to evolve my 98% Garchomp and have some left for a few power-ups.

Along with that, for some reason, one of my trainers is developing a critical shortage of pokéballs, which even spinning stops and opening gifts don’t seem to relieve.