Share Anything New with your Pokemon Adventure


Never had 2 eggs from one gift before… :thinking::egg::egg::man_shrugging:


It wasn’t a visual glitch???


Nope. I had 2 gaps and I had opened my 20 gifts for the day… so I waited till midnight then opened a gift… and one 7km egg popped out… and then another… and then 2 blue pokeballs.
Not complaining …wish it happened more often… :grin:


I heard starting now until the end of the Ultra Bonus, you have a chance of getting 2 Eggs from Gifts that you open!


Glad. I still can’t believe I had to open 14 more Gifts after getting my first Egg to get my second Alolan Egg somewhere last week.


Double eggs - double fun! Or not. It depends on what you get.


I don’t ever have more than 1 egg space open right now because I’m only using the Infinity one.


Been to the heart of the Pokemon Land but have not played that much due to failed roaming connection… :cry:


Here’s to hope that the roaming obstacle to playing the game there winds up enhancing the quality of family memories on your visit, even if it diminishes the quantity of playing in those memories. Thanks for the pics!


Absolutely Yes! As the saying goes, Family First… :grin: And it was indeed a great, fun filled, well deserved quality family time… Also happened to be my first out of the country travel and also the first for our 6 years old daughter who is the main reason for the trip.


Enjoy your travel with family to the heart of Pokémon Land @HLAJR