Remote raid friend invites



This is the place to coordinate remote raid invites with friends


Is distance unlimited on these?
Can I invite people on here to join Raids I do home here in Australia?


Yea you can I did it yesterday distance dont seem to matter


Distance trades on junk T5’s and Gold overseas Gyms after 30 Raids :rofl:


This I’s a discord some of us are on to make it easier to set up times

Raids - Remote raids

Yeah, that is 2500 coins to have an oversea gold gym




Ill probably join when it turns out we are going to get the (shiny) lake spirits after gofest.


I’m ready for a remote raid. You can invite me now. @Cup @Brobraam @bobbyjack8 @5GodLink @Pokemon @MrHeineken88 @Necrozmadabest @Thorend Whoever wants to add me as a friend, just ask.


@Branebs mew1 raid


When is it


It’s over, but I’m ready to be invited to another raid.


Dang it


When was it?


15 minutes ago.


My playtime is slowly but steadily declining but I’ll make sure to invite you when I do finally raid something
BossLapras, right?


I want to finally get Kyurem today. If you plan to do Kyurem raids, count me in. Or I can invite you if you’re interested. Let me know, so we can coordinate times.


I can invite to Kyurem raid in 55 minutes! Anyone interested?


Prepare! Eiffel Tower raid!