Rayquaza is coming March 15 - March 18


has anybody else seen this and is it true someone posted in our local Discord


this was supposed as well it’s from gohub


Yes seen it, but theres so much wrong in that article its ridiculous.

  • Niantic doesnt host a raid day every month.
  • Latias certainly isnt such a raid day since it was originally 3 days, and then extended to a weekend. Also it didnt have a special move wich all previous ones had on top of having a shiny form.
  • If its a raid day then why is it actually 3? If its 3 then why do we get the 5 passes?

So besides the errors theres also the issue of repeating recent mistakes.
There was quite an uproar over Latias only being here for 3 days, combined with Palkia still being present.
Rayquaza is gonna be much more popular (cooler shiny form + more usefull). Why would they give players another reason to complain instead of just doing it right from the start this time.
They showed with Clamperl they do learn from past mistakes.

These supposed leaks are as many times right as they are wrong. I certainly hope this one is wrong aswell cause just 3 days for this magnificent beast would be a huge dissapointment.


I was thinking the same thing when I saw them posted on Discord


i’ve seen that post aswell. the combination of 3 days + 5 free passes makes no sense at all.

My bet is we get another raid day (the 3 hour one). And i honestly hope so. I’d rather go raiding for 3 hours with my dedicated group insted of having to play for 3 days or a week. the date also suits me very well, between several other non-pokemon go related happenings

I have so much fate in this even i just spend € 110 an hour ago to mass buy boxes / raidpasses and will spend onther € 43 for my GF’s accounts later today.


How many raids do you manage to do in those 3 hours? Surely not 110 euros worth.

I really hope for a week of RayQ. Hes an easy duo so probably just gonna hop in the car a few times with a friend or 2 and go at it.


We usually manage to do about 18 in a 3-hour window


That’s what community go news found I think also


I really hope this is wrong and Ray will be around longer than a 3hr window.
Meta relevant Pokémon deserves better than that.


3 hours will be good order wind up like Mewtwo did in 5-star raids useless


At this point they are all just copying eachother. Its still only the 1 leak from gamingintel i think though.
Just read an article about it again in wich it said Articuno would be the best counter, and THEN they say Lapras, Cloyster and finally Mamoswine would be good aswell.
Theres like 6 counters better than Articuno, and Lapras and Cloyster arent 1 of those…

Is websites like these the reason you see people with such bad counters from time to time :sweat_smile:


My small team reached 36 raids in 3 hours, in a drive, queueu, batlle, catch and drive manner. So we’re not WAFU raiding.

And yes, that alone is not worth the money i just invested. But seeing as i do 2,5 raids per day on average since raids we’re released (did 50 latias last week) i need the passes for after Rayquaza. And this is most likely the best box we’ll get for that in a while.


That makes sense then yeah.
And 36? Im jealous. we usually got arround 22 done. Not much difference with car or bike here.


we might get more this time. We have 3 new gyms that are on the route so the gym density is even higher, allowing less traveltime and more playtime. Still depends on the group size we get. And even íf it’s a 3 hour raid event.


I cant believe this just actually turned out to be true. DID THEY LEARN NOTHING FROM LATIAS?



when will people start listening to me…i am a year in on this forum and only dropped knowledge and facts.


Even got the dates right a whole week. :man_shrugging:t5: ima chase down shinies!!

edit - Doesn’t say shiny, but i expect it to be.


Like most of us know. Sometimes Niantic says shiny is available and sometimes they surprise us. Never do they bring back a raid beast and not have shiny version. ( don’t remember that ever accuring )


ill just wait…

I cant see Niantic bringing it back and expecting people to pay if it’s not shiny…ill just wait and raid and hope i get a shiny