Rayquaza is coming March 15 - March 18


Do you believe Rayquaza will be shiny?

  • Yes
  • No

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While I would like more 98 or even a 100% Rayquaza I’m not happy it’s this weekend. I really wanted to spend time this weekend hitting T5’s for Dialga on any Gym I’m not Gold while having a good crack at getting some high IV Dialga’s (future planing in hope better moves will be possible later). Now my chances will be dilutted by Raquaza’s.

Are Niantic that desperate and/or $$Greedy$$ that they need this to happen now so people spend up on Raid Passes? They could have waited another 2 weeks for the back end of Dialga’s presence when the novelty of the new T5 has worn off. Dialga has only been out for a week ffs.


There are many other games worse than PokemonGo where $$$ > skill

We are lucky we get so many free stuff. Also there are many tricks to get more free stuff if you try for it.

I am sure 4 days out the month wont harm your chances at a better Dialga. Dialga is here till the 28th


I hope thay will be shiny


Shiny Ray is my favorite only other mon close to it’s level of epic is Charizard. In my opinion of course.


Eh, I’ll get a few for video and I’m good. My priority is Dialga. Must get a great one.


As it stands it LOOKS like a great oppertunity for players who missed out in the first wave. For the rest of us this is definitely just “meh”.

Why LOOKS? Cause now thoses players will spend money on coins on passes just to catch a good one, only to be greated with a shiny in a few weeks/months. Seems very greedy of Niantic.

I dont really like the short time either… again just 3 days. I hope if and when the shiny comes they will learn from Latias and give us a week.

As for now, like others said:
No shiny? No interest.

11 days notice? Wow Niantic, learning atleast a bit? Nice.


Would be nice first raid completed is shiny and can stop all the “no shiny talk”

Just proves how Shiny Rayquaza is so boss. Trainer will legit not play for 4 days because it’s not shiny.

Remember sometimes “The People” control the companies. More we complaine the more they need to make us happy.

No shiny? No money!


I mean they should release the shiny variant of Rayquaza and it makes sense, shiny legendary=lots of passes which = people who need more passes buying them. But at the same time it doent mean they have to or will, I mean it’s niantic look at their record. That’s all I’m saying. Glad I saved up my passes sad that I’ll be in Napa for that weekend and will probably end up not getting any shinies if they do release the shiny variant :sob::sob:


The thing is, they don’t always say shiny is available, thats only reason i believe we’ll get it. It’s in high demand and this is probably the first time that it didnt say shiny and alot of trainers are in an uproar.


True they don’t always say shiny is available. And true it is in high demand, I’ve been saving premium raid passes just for shiny rayquaza. But also by them saying nothing in shiny availability is them probably covering all their bases, that way if they don’t release it they can say that they didn’t plan to and if they do well happy surprise. So while I know their history of not saying anything about shinies I’m still going to wait until the event starts to see what happens. I don’t want to get my hopes up and have them dashed,I’d rather be pleasantly surprised


Except this time they said it WONT be available.


Not able to do this event and glad to hear that there is no shiny that is going to be available


I saw that post in my raid groups chat. I still stand by what I said though (for their other announcements)


Disappointing if no shiny. I am even holding off buying the ultra box that i wanted(blind threats, since i will be buying it and saving for Darkrai)


Never got a Rayquaza when it was out before. Great to hear we’ll have another shot at it, even if it is a brief one. I’m hoping to get a couple of them.


I’m goin yo try to get 6-8


In pursuit of a Pokemon team worthy of raiding Rayquaza, I just blew all 4 of my charged TMs on a Mamoswine, trying to get Avalanche, but watching it alternate from Bulldoze, to Stone Edge, back to Bulldoze, back to Stone Edge and back yet again to Bulldoze.


3 days later: After raiding as much as I could after work to amass half a dozen more charged TMs, I just watched the game give me the very same steaming pile of bull**** (toggling repeatedly between Bulldoze and Stone Edge). That makes ten or eleven TMs and still no ice-type charged move for my Mamoswines… my only R.O.I. for all those TMs was a headache.



Or ya know, Niantic could be playing jokes on us, and they WILL release shiny Rayquaza, they are just pulling an early April Fools joke.


Na, April Fool joke would be Rayquaza now with no Shiny making people spend up on Passes then bringing it back on April 1st with the Shiny option to make people part with more $$$ for more Passes.