Rare Candy is a new Reward for PvP


I just got a single Rare Candy in my PvP battles today. There was no word about it in Discord, but Reddit is quite abuzz about it. I don’t know if it decreases the chances of Sinnoh Stone payout (I got a Sinnoh Stone in the very next battle), but a little more variation in rewards is nice.


Seen someone say it in Hub discord🤪

But great for confirming. I still just get dust :man_facepalming:t4:


Just got one. Nice.


No rare candy for me yet, but I got final stone I needed to complete the 11


Isn’t that so satisfying?




No rare candy from PvP yet


It just started yesterday (the 8th) according to Reddit, so it was quietly snuck in.




Landed a rare candy tonight too. Amazing addition!


So more Good stuff I miss out on. This is getting a joke.


You can still do the Leader Battles, and they too will pay out the same rewards at the same odds.


I got two Rare Candies tonight. :o


I got 1 rare candy and 1 stone during my battles at midnight.


I got 500 stardust 4 times.


how do you miss out on pvp?


A rare candy is amazing for someone who can’t do any raids except for community day.


He is 8 9 or 10 in game but older irl.




Haven’t seen any Rares from my 1 daily trainer battle yet. No Stones either, just the 500 Dust.