Rare Candy is a new Reward for PvP


Just got a rare candy from training against Spark


3 rares so far.


Got stone but not candy from training


Got all dust today from 3 battles against other players and dust from training against Blanche.


I still haven’t seen a Rare from my training battles yet. Dust, Dust and more Dust.


Two from battling my alt/mothers account


TM’s are now added as a reward for PvP.


Has anybody here received one or seen somebody receive one? (Not just heard of a friend of a friend getting one…)


I received one. It’s real.


Im not happy about this. More things to dilute my chances of getting Stones essential to evolving just about everything in Gen 4.
Can only do 1 Trainer battle a day for a chance and last Stone was Jan 18 (5 Given ones Clam day don’t count).
Already disadvantaged I can’t PvP and now the scummy drop Drats will get further diluted by more possible items. You bet I’m Salty.


It sometimes feels like Niantic can’t find a happy medium. For example, while this is bad for you, it’s great for me. I hated getting stones as I’ve already evolved everything with 20 stones to spare. To me, Sinnoh Stones are a waste and I get frustrated every time I get one now. I needed more potential rewards to keep playing PVP.


That’s the point.
The odds for both should be different.
As the numpties have excluded kids accounts from having friends thus no PvP which you can do 5 battles plus one trainer battle.
The odds of a Stone should be increased on the Trainer battles.


Yeah, that’s what I’m saying too. Niantic sometimes seems to lean towards extremes instead of a happy medium. :wink:


It will never be even for all but there are things they can do to balance it better, especially for a section of the playing community they’ve excluded from so much that’s in the game now.
Some one say 7k Egg?? What that, never seen one and can’t get any of the Pokémon that’s been only released through 7k eggs.
Sorry getting off track now.


I’ve been getting rare candy on PvP for weeks now.


Me too. The TMs are newish though.


Yes. Just got TM for first time the other day